'The Window to Design is AJAR' with A&M

Atticus & Milo have the privilege of opening AJAR furniture's 'The Window to Design is AJAR' window design competition with our Picasso inspired installation. 

Each month a different designer is challenged to highlight the essence of contemporary Spanish design in Australia by creating an installation featuring a curated selection of pieces from the AJAR collection.

The competition is in conjunction with the Spanish consulate and the Spanish design festival.

A&M couldn't kick off a Spanish design competition without paying homage to the Spanish master, Picasso - often credited with inspiring Cubism, not to mention a million other artists, designers, and people in general.

Our design features a series of distorted perspective timber panels, warping our perception of what/how we are looking at it. Of course we had to throw some stylised snippets of Picassos fabulous 'Guernica' in the mix, plus our own version of his quirky bull-head sculpture made from rusted & worn bike parts.

Elements of Picasso's Guernica were laser cut in to Bolon for some imaginative place mats and some fantastic floor rugs.

On Oct 28 at the AJAR showroom there will be a seminar talk by Ciro Márquez who established the mmmm… group in 1999. A clip of their Anti-War protest in 2003 which was staged in front of Picasso's Guernica, plays on a screen behind the dining setting, followed by An uncut set of clips for a short film about the Chapel of Notre Dame du Haut Ronchamp designed by Le Corbusier.

The Installation references Picasso, Architecture, and Modernism in a moody and graphic scene.

Visit Design with AJAR To rate ours, and the other designers window displays (once theirs go up). There will be a new one every month.

Excuse the builders drop sheet!

Excuse the builders drop sheet!

Many thanks to Bolon for supporting us and making our amazing floor and place mats a reality!

And thank you to Design to Print for helping us with our fantastic Guernicas!



Big thanks to eco outdoor for their generous loan of the perfect platter for Picassos 'Bulls Head'


and finally, thanks to the team at Foamex for the care and patience with the multitude of different foam profiles required to make our panels just that little bit more special.