A&M at the NGV - BEST of the BEST 2016

The best of us!

Atticus & Milo were chuffed to be invited along to the party that was the National Gallery of Victoria Womens Association’s BEST of the BEST Exhibition, held between the 11th – 13th of May 2016.

The Best of the Best is an exhibition that takes the concept of table art to a new dimension. From the glamourous to the avant garde; the tables were conceived and created by some of Australia’s leading artists, interior designers, galleries, decorators, stylists, couturiers and florists.


Responding to the Site

Bali is a popular theme when it comes to designing a garden in Australia. So are the Parisian formal gardens with their clipped within an inch of their life hedges. But when transplanted to gardens Down Under, something appears astray. “Transplanting a culture from abroad can be problematic. Somehow it feels at odds with our architecture and landscape,” says interior designer Caecilia Potter, director of Atticus & Milo. “A Japanese-style garden can be mesmerising even in Australia. But it needs to be placed in the correct context,”

Unfashionable Objects - Stephen Crafti

Some good old humour!


Streamlined interiors with a couple of designer objects placed on a shelf are regularly featured in the media. A stylist comes in and perhaps moves the object a few centimetres to the right or left. While such a format may appeal to minimalists or those wanting to unclutter their homes, there are those who prefer the pleasure of living with what some would refer to as ‘kitsch’.

'The Window to Design is AJAR' with A&M

Atticus & Milo have the privilege of opening AJAR furniture's 'The Window to Design is AJAR' window design competition with our Picasso inspired installation. 

Each month a different designer is challenged to highlight the essence of contemporary Spanish design in Australia by creating an installation featuring a curated selection of pieces from the AJAR collection.

The competition is in conjunction with the Spanish consulate and the Spanish design festival.

A&M couldn't kick off a Spanish design competition without paying homage to the Spanish master, Picasso - often credited with inspiring Cubism, not to mention a million other artists, designers, and people in general.

Spirited Design - Stephen Crafti

Increasing property prices have spurred on owners to renovate and extend their homes. Catch-cry phrases, such as ‘light and bright’ are conveyed to both architects and interior designers in the hope that this measure will further inflate their ‘nest egg’. So ‘glass boxes’ get added to period homes (the easiest way to achieve light-filled interiors) and skylights are dotted through the place. The pictures go up, the flowers arrive, and everyone appears to be satisfied...


Continuing my passion for amazing women, the doco on Peggy Guggenheim @ MIFF was a beautifully nuanced picture of an iconoclastic art patron.   I love her museum in Venice - not only for the quality of the works but also the intimacy of the spaces. It was fascinating to see how she struggled against entrenched conservatism and mysogny to create a world beating 20th century art collection.  In Vichy France the Louvre didn't think her collection was...


Dont miss the sartorially original Iris @ #MIFF2015! What an expressive style icon she is at the ripe old age of 94 ... No plastic surgery, just a passion for textiles and colour lived large and lived long. On the flip side - her interiors and collectibles glimpsed in the film certainly haven't stood the test of time...not much inspirational there!